Ensuring Sound Operational Performance for Over 25 Years

Since 1989, we have been responsive to our customer’s needs in an ever-changing regulatory environment. We have added and refined services in an effort to be a collaborative partner in your company’s financial success.

As an experienced occupational health care and regulatory compliance company we are committed to quality health care service that keeps your employees and company operating with sound momentum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to anticipate the needs of our customer and provide the highest quality service in both occupational health care and transportation regulatory compliance.

Commitment to Quality Service

Critical to this mission is our dedication to personalized, quality customer service which has helped us build a strong, reliable company over the years. Starting out with a small staff, Overland/OTS grew as more employers have chosen us for their workers’ care and to ensure their company stays in line with regulatory compliance. With our commitment to helping local and national industry grow through quality health care and compliance services, our clients and customer loyalty has increased over the years indicating a preference for our comprehensive model of specialized care.

Along with our professional staff and highly trained providers, we recognize the importance of working together with employers, workers, health and safety leaders, and medical specialists to deliver focused and integrated occupational health care and certified DOT exams. As a one stop regulatory compliance service center, our knowledgeable staff, can provide all necessary services to have your transportation company operational from initial startup to being state and federal regulatory compliant.